Adventure MeetUps

Meet-ups are a way for PT Ambassadors to branch out and try new things and go out on adventures. PT has created clinics for both younger and older girls, so that there are exciting and new experiences for everyone. In addition to separate events, there will be  joined events for both age groups.


Clinics are a way to build camaraderie between girls and allow older girls to empower, encourage, and guide younger girls. Our goal is to give girls access to things that they might not think our possible and allow them to try new opportunities before branding a stereotype to it. Girls can do anything boys can!


For more information, check out our calendar and join our newsletter for sneak peaks about upcoming events. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @prissytomboyfoundation to tag along for some adventures!



There are currently no events for the summer! We hope to see you in the fall! :)




FAll social

Join us at Ponce City Market for an Ambassador Camp Out with Mountain High Outfitters and North Face. Sign up to become an ambassador to attend. 

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YOgaworks meetup

Join us for a fun afternoon of yoga at YogaWorks Brookhaven. This event is for ambassadors (age 14-18) only. Our amazing instructor Callen will teach the girls a beginner yoga flow. It will be perfect for busy girls on the go who only have a few minutes to spare but also need to take care of themselves! Space is limited, so tell your friends to sign up ASAP. Wear comfortable clothing and bring your own water! We can't wait to see you there!



Come join us for a night of female empowerment as Atlanta United supports women and Prissy Tomboy. They will be playing Pittsburg, and it should be a night full of fun!!