Meet the Team


Sahara Hetherington is a high school senior at Chamblee Charter High School. She is 17 years old and has been a part of Prissy Tomboy since the very beginning. She believes that the Prissy Tomboy message of getting outside to enjoy the environment, to try new things, and to build camaraderie between girls is a crucial way to empower girls and make them into strong future leaders. When she is not working on Prissy Tomboy, you can find Sahara running MSA, a club she co-founded at her school, as well as managing events as Vice President for the Environmental Club. In her free time, Sahara always has her nose in a book and can be found surfing the internet for pictures of her next vacation spot.


India Hetherington is a 17 year old and a senior at Chamblee Charter High School. She has been a part of Prissy Tomboy since the very beginning. India is a big advocate for women’s and environmental rights. She co-founded the Muslim Student Association and Environmental Science Club at her high school. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, playing with her dogs, and volunteering with refugees. Her goal is to spread positivity and encourage growth with girls her age and younger.


Sophia Sparks attends Chamblee Charter High School where she involves herself in many clubs and the varsity swim team. She has a passion for protecting animals and the environment and loves volunteering at the Animal Shelter in Chamblee. She is working to earn her Gold Award for Girl Scouts and is also a part of the volunteering organization, National Charity League. Sophia also has a strong excitement for photography and and hopes to capture the many special moments of the Prissy Tomboy.


Kathryn Penn is the next dedicated member of the Prissy Tomboy board. She also attends Chamblee Charter High School. In addition to swim team and the annual school musical Kathryn is a member of the Student Government Association, Muslim Student Association, and Young Democrats Club. She also participates in Girl Scouts and National Charity League. Female empowerment and environmental conservation hold a special place in Kathryn’s heart and she loves working to improve